CCA Scholarship

The Annual Academic Scholarship program was implemented to fulfill one of the primary goals of the Chinese Community Association of Hampton Roads. Graduating high school seniors of Chinese decent who have achieved academic excellence, and who have made significant contributions to their (and our) community through service, are invited to apply for a scholarship. Scholarship requirements: -Resident of the state of Virginia -Minimum GPA of 3.0 -Top 15% Class Standing -Participation in extracurricular activities and community service -Scholarship recipient will be notified and must be present at the ceremony -Parents are encouraged to come to the ceremony and can pay for the Chinese New Year Feast as guests. The deadline for submitting the Application Package is January 20th, 2017.

Please hand-deliver or mail your completed packages to: CCAHR 722 Newtown Road Virginia Beach, VA 23462 If you choose to mail your scholarship application, it must be postmarked by January 15th, 2017. This will allow us sufficient time to review applications and set up interview appointments, if deemed necessary. Submit the following documents:

  1. Completed application form (No handwritten applications will be accepted)
  2. GPA and class standing—a copy of your unofficial transcript with GPA and class standing, as furnished by your school’s guidance counselor is acceptable
  3. Copy of your SAT/ACT scores (as furnished to you by the Testing Board)
  4. Formal Resume—not a list of accomplishments
  5. Formal Essay on one of these topics (Double spaced, please): Personal goals, significant event in your life, or any subject that would tell us about you.

Scholarship recipients will be announced during the Annual Chinese New Year celebration.   Download the Scholarship Information Sheet and the Scholarship Application which includes the information found here online. While our past CCA Scholars have moved on and are accomplishing great things with their lives, we at the CCA would still like to recognize these fine individuals. The following scholars are currently fulfilling their bright future.



Vincent Lin and Angela Tang-Tan










Eric Lee, Kara Wong, not pictured Jeanette Lam

Eric Lee, Kara Wong, not pictured Jeanette Lam












Stephen Tang, Peter Lu, Joanna Tan

Stephen Tang, Peter Lu, Joanna Tang











Jonathan Lee – Abigail Chen











Katelynn Wong and Richard Lee











Allen Wong – Michael Wong – Sibo Zheng



Virginia Lee

Bryant Wong

Allison Mui



Jessica Truong


2008     Kevin Li     –     Allison Wong     –     Eric Wong

2007     Patrick Din

2006     Shelley Wong     –     Melani Lee

2005     Celina Wong

2004     Selena Chu     –     Megan Wong     –      Bryan Lin

2003     Antony Chau     –     Benjamin Lin

2002     Wai Wong     –     Kevin Chen

2001     Joshua Hou     –     Brian Leung     –     Ying Chi Chan     –     Deborah Wong

2000     Eddie Wu    –     Betsy Lin     –     Nicole Wong     –     Evonne Lee

1999     Jeffrey Wu     –     Daniel Wong     –     Stefanie Wong     –     Jonathan Cheung

1998     Keith Leung     –     Justin Lee

1997     Delwyn Lee     –     Jason Lee     –     Wei Kai Li

1996     Sharon Lee     –     Wayne Chen

1995     Steve Kung     –     Justin Lee     –     Win Lin